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Ive certainly seen extremes on both ends, along with plenty at points in between. Tim, who says hes a regular reader of this column, saw both extremes in the same session. There was little doubt which experience he preferred. I rode the dealer roller-coaster through a long session, he told me. When I bought in, Deb was dealing, and she was great. Shed say, Lets win some money after a shuffle and give us a There you go! after a blackjack or Thats the one we needed when shed deal one of us a 5 on top of a 16. Wishing the players well makes good sense for dealers. It helps players relax, and players who feel the dealer is on their side are more likely to tip. Tim said dealer Deb went a little farther in helping pkayters relax and have fun. Shed ask us where we were from, and she seemed to know someone in every one of our hometowns, Tim said. Shed tell us, Oh, I have an uncle in Chicago.

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The Legislature has been hammering out those details, and they will take months to fully craft, meaning it will be months before marijuana businesses open in the state. But it's legal to smoke it as of Monday. It's also legal to gift it, grow it and possess up to 2.5 ounces of it. Westbrook resident Steve Richard, a 40-year smoker of marijuana, availed himself of the new law at the stroke of midnight. "Burned my first legal 'J' on my front porch. I tried to get others to join me, but it was late," Richard said. The marijuana legalization vote was close, passing by only about 4,000 votes, and opponents of the spread of marijuana have vowed to continue to push for restrictions in the state. Legalization also sparked a row between legislators and Republican Gov. Paul LePage.

"It's very hard when teams move," Ellis said. "It's tough on fans. It's tough on ownership. It's tough on the league. It's not anything the league advocates. They want teams to stay where they are." Unless they can make more money somewhere else. St. Louis had a plan for an open-air $1.1 billion stadium along the Mississippi River north of the Gateway Arch to replace the Edward Jones Dome. But Kroenke mostly ignored the city's overtures, saying St. Louis' economy made it difficult for an NFL franchise to thrive there. Kroenke won owners' approval last year to build a stadium on the sight of the old Hollywood Park racetrack about 10 miles from downtown L.A.

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